Forthcoming Conferences

2nd International Conference on STD's and HIV

06 November 2017    Berlin, Germany

STDs & HIV - 2017 provide global model of collaborative science and the premier international venue for bridging basic and clinical investigation to clinical practice in the field of HIV and related viruses.

2nd world summit on Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Research

16 November 2017    Frankfurt, Germany

A platform to discuss and share your research on future trends in Nanotechnology, Advancements of Nanotechnology in drug manufacturing, Recent nano equipments and diagnosis of disease, Nanotechnology in biomedical field.

2nd International Conference on Cancer Care and Cure

16 November 2017    Berlin, Germany

The expressed focus of the conference is to attain the interaction of scientists which promotes learning and collaboration on a global scale

2nd International Conference on Organ, Tissues and Cells Transplantation

16 November 2017    Frankfurt, Germany

High end technology research discussions on robotic surgical approaches, exvivo allograft transplantation, cell, tissue and solid organ transplantation.

Global Bioanalysis Summit

13 November 2017    Frankfurt

The bio-analysis conference provides a platform for experts from both industry and academia across the globe in the field of Bio-analysis, Bio-analytical techniques, drug delivery to share the latest cutting edge research as well as new findings and their results about all aspects regarding advances in the field of Bio-analysis.

World Precision Medicine and Public Health Conference

13 November 2017    Berlin, Germany

New research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat diseases and to enable a new era of medicine through research, technology, and policies that empower patients, researchers, and providers to work together towards development of individualized care.

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