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Welcome to World Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Summit

Clyto Access is an Open Access publisher and International Conference Organiser in the fields of Science, technology, medicine, engineering and management. Our conference aims at sharing knowledge through master encounters and their discussions.
Clyto Access is delighted to welcome you all for World Hospitality Travel And Tourism Summit 2017 (WHTTS-2017) from 11-13 SEPTEMBER at DUBAIthe most populous city in the UAE. Dubai, the city, and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene. Clyto is glad to announce that Dubai is making the stage for our conference..

Points to discuss

☛ Smooth payment and checkout experience to accommodate new trends in booking behaviours.
☛ Make mobile user experience as seamless as possible.
☛ Emerging trends in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality sector.
☛ Smarter mobile-focused online marketing.
☛ Tourism Business Strategies and Revenue Management.

Keynote Speakers


  • "The Challenges of Managing Volunteers in the Emerging MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Events Industry"

    Nicola McCullough

    Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Sport Event Management at the UK Centre for Events Management, Leeds Beckett University.


Track 1.1: Sustainable Tourism Certification: Best Practices, Benefits and ROI of Sustainability

Track 1.2: Tools and Solutions for Sustainable Tourism Destination Development

Track 1.3: Best Practices in Marketing and PR for Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

Track 1.4: The commercialization of culture can undermine the soul of a tourist destination in sustainbility

Track 1.5: Understanding Key Consumer Trends Driving Sustainability Practices in Tourism

Track 1.6: Ecotourism as a Catalyst for a Sustainable Rural Economy

Track 1.7: Sustainable Planning and Design of Tourism Facilities and Destinations

Track 1.8: Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Sustainability in Tourism

Track 1.9: Financing Sustainability Initiatives: Strategies for Tourism Businesses

Track 1.10: Sustaining Culture and History: Tourism and Heritage Preservation

Track 1.11: Heritage, Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism Development.

Track 2.1: Lessons on Ecotourism and Community Development

Track 2.2: Making the Business Case for Conservation through Ecotourism

Track 2.3: Nature and conservation projects effects on Tourism and Hospitality

Track 2.4: Factors affecting ecotourism buying behaviour

Track 2.5: is ecotourism in developing worlds better than western nations?

Track 2.6: Examining the implications of the internet on the growth of tourism

Track 3.1: Changing concepts of holiday and vacation

Track 3.2: Notions of place and space in Tourism

Track 3.3: Tourism Amenities in Destinations

Track 3.4: Development in transport for tourism

Track 3.5: Emerging tourism Destinations

Track 3.6: Tourism information and e-Tourism in the modern world

Track 3.7: Geotourism

Track 3.8: Voluntourism

Track 4.1: The concept of recreation

Track 4.2: Work-life balance

Track 4.3: Volunteerism as a form of liesure or work

Track 4.4: Inequalities in access to liesure and time facilities

Track 4.5: Art as liesure

Track 5.1: Developing leisure and tourism products

Track 5.2: Leisure and Tourism product development

Track 5.3: Marketing trends to promote liesure and tourism activities

Track 5.4: Education and training for the liesure industries

Track 5.5: Critical issues in liesure Tourism

Track 6.1: Consumer Behaviour in tourism and hospitality industry

Track 6.2: Information Technology in Tourism and Hospitality

Track 6.3: Future Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Track 6.4: Government Intervention in Tourism

Track 6.5: Innovation and Product development in Tourism and Hospitality

Track 6.6: Legal issues in Tourism and Hospitality

Track 6.7: Safety and Crisis management in Tourism and Hospitality

Track 6.8: Tourism Cultural Products

Track 6.9: Future Trends in travelling Dimensions

Track 6.10: LGBT tourism is a new trend to allow or not

Track 6.11: Tourism and technology

Track 6.12: Sex in leisure,Tourism and Hospitality

Track 7.1: Travelers Perspective and marketing strategies

Track 7.2: Travel and Tourism Marketing trends

Track 7.3: Social Media Marketing effects on Tourism and Hospitality

Track 7.4: e-Business Models for tourism destination competetiveness

Track 7.5: Simulation Models in Travel,Tourism and Hospitality

Track 7.6: Smart Phone applications and Travel experience

Track 7.7: Business Intelligence and Data Mining in Tourism

Track 7.8: Travel Planning Systems and Search engines

Track 7.9: Tourism Network analysis

Track 8.1: Art,Architectural and cultural

Track 8.2: Bleisure Tourism

Track 8.3: Destination Competitiveness for tourism

Track 8.4: Industrial Tourism

Track 8.5: Effects of Natural Calamities on Tourism

Track 8.6: Trends and issues shaping tourism and hospitality development

Track 8.7: Agritourism and Rural tourism

Track 8.8: slum tourism is it ghoulish or good- hearted ?

Track 9.1: Does visiting a site of suffering and death socially and commercially benifit local communities?

Track 9.2: Factors affecting buying decision making of dark tourism

Track 9.3: Are purpose built dark tourism sites more interesting than natural disaster or man-made black tourism sites?

Track 10.1: Perception and attitude toward extreme plastic surgery makeovers among female customers

Track 10.2: How homosexual men choose medical tour packages for sex reassignment

Track 10.3: Examining peception and attitude of consumers towards medical treatment packages

Track 10.4: Evaluating the perception of young female customer towards facial lifting package tours

Track 10.5: Measuring customer satisfaction of lesbians after having sex reassignment at hospitals

Track 10.6: How to promote nature treatment and slimming up centre as a brand

Track 11.1: Perception and attitude of international students toward work & study

Track 11.2: How young students choose cultural exchange student programmes

Track 11.3: Evaluating satisfaction of students after a gap year exchange student program

Track 11.4: Factors affecting the decision of young students to take part in a one academic year exchange student programme

Track 11.5: Perception and attitude of students toward educational tourism

Track 11.6: How to use integrated marketing communication tools to promote the destination as the best place to make up placement programs

Track 11.7: Does the popularity of the country have an impression on joining an educational tourism program?

What is WHTTS ?

WHTTS 2017 is the World Hospitality Travel and Tourism Summit, which highlights dynamic sessions and sight into the most recent themes in tourism and travel research. It is fundamental to gain from the accepted procedures around the globe and be imaginative in finding reasonable answers for steadily developing difficulties in the hospitality and tourism industry. The conference mainly focuses on tourism strategies, future trends in traveling, tourism as a tool of development, tourism & technology, travel planning, tourist tracking and GPS. The topics and subjects of the conference are extraordinarily intended to give experiences that are handy and all the more critically to catch the hearts and minds of visitors.

Who Attends WHTTS?

WHTTS-2017 is attended by tourism professionals, academicians who are keen to share their perspectives and aptitude, researchers who are looking at the platform to share their research, tourism curators, travel agents, tourism operators, tourism coordinators, tourism executives who plan and deal with such issues and keen to handle issues, hospitality professionals, faculty/students from various institutions/universities, members of tourism development organizations who can utilize benefit out of the Seminar to know more about the trends and practices, marketing executives, marketing managers. Also, people who are interested in traveling and exploring new destinations can attend WHTTS to gain knowledge about how to plan, what travel measures to be taken and hospitality requirements needed.

Why to Attend WHTTS?

Attend WHTTS to Increase the value of your current travel packages with the latest, cost-cutting strategies. Best platform to Connect with leading practitioners, media and thought leaders on the issues that matter most during industry roundtables. Get updated with research on current industry trends and what's on the horizon. Attend the World Hospitality Travel & Tourism Conference to game up your business, develop your knowledge and learn tips and trends for your travel. The Travel Conference gives the ideal stage to organizations wishing to achieve a very persuasive, worldwide group of onlookers of pioneers from the universes of travel, tourism, friendliness, form and nourishment.


Today tourism has a great impact on economic development of a country and contributes to the welfare in those regions. It is the important source for employment opportunities, source of foreign exchange earnings, public and private income, cultural exchange etc.
Travel & Tourism generated US$7.6 trillion (10% of global GDP) and 277 million jobs (1 in 11 jobs) for the global economy in 2014 and is forecast to rise by 3.7% in 2015, and to rise by 3.9% pa, from 2015-2025, to USD 3,593.2bn (3.3% of total GDP) in 2025. Recent years have seen Travel & Tourism continuous growth in both the wider economy and other significant sectors such as automotive, financial services and health care. International tourist arrivals also surged, reaching nearly 1.14billion and visitor spending more than matched that growth. Visitors from emerging economies now represent a 46% share of these international arrivals (up from 38% in 2000), proving the growth and increased opportunities for travel from those in these new markets. The sector faces challenge every year and every year is likely to be different. As a result, travel & tourism expansion is forecast to continue at a stronger rate than every year, with the total contribution to GDP expected to increase by 3.7%. New destinations and investment opportunities will also continue to emerge as tourism becomes increasingly affordable across the developing countries. This growth will require countries to adopt a concerted and coordinated approach to talent planning and development between their industry, governments and educational institutions to ensure they fulfill their potential in the years ahead.


The open panel discussions will provide you an opportunity to share your views on present and future trends changing day by day in hospitality and tourism research. This gives you a chance to conceptualize and share your knowledge in tourism future trends, targeting and marketing demand, economic impact on tourism, luxury tourism, tourism and beyond, customer behaviors, unexpected changes in tourism industry, innovative marketing, discovering tourism delights, technology developments in tourism, branding your services and company.
Poster presentations are opportunities for a larger number of researchers to present their research in the form of posters.
Providing a platform to all academicians and professionals to share their research thoughts and findings through a speech or a poster presentation.
These are often the most enlightening sessions, as they are interactive and can go much deeper than a lecture can.
Discover the latest industry innovations during a guided tour of the trade show floor. Participants experience product demonstrations and presentations that will assist in making informed buying decisions.

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Scientific sessions - Speech opportunity available

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Editorial board meeting - Journal of Oncological Studies

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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